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Sou Brasil Group

Sou Brasil is the Portuguese course program on the platform within the Sou Brasil Group website, that is, it is a virtual classroom aimed at Portuguese teachers and foreigners who need a dynamic method with up-to-date information to study online. online or face-to-face, respecting everyone's free time. We are here to provide a flexible, efficient, current and enjoyable learning experience.

virtual classroom

Lessons ready for you to teach students.

Also suitable for self-taught foreigners who want to study Brazilian Portuguese.

Doubts on duty

At any time, you can send us a message with questions that we will answer. 



of certificate

Do the final task and send it to us to be entitled to the certificate of completion of the module.


Available Module


TO 1

Up to 30 class hours, with activities, explanations and exercises divided into 14 classes ready for Portuguese teachers to use with their students. Also recommended for self-taught foreigners.  

Compras online
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