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About the Group

Camilla Wootton Villela, Lucila Mitsuyo Yamashita and Graziela Naclério Forte founded Grupo Sou Brasil. All of us have been teaching Portuguese for Foreigners over 15 years.

Our expertise is Portuguese teacher trainning, and also helping Brazilian native speakers to improve their language skills in company.

In our training, we approach the main challenges related to teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language based on the needs of teachers all over the world. We offer face-to-face classes in São Paulo City. We also offer online classes for the whole world.

In our grammar updating courses, we clarify how mastering both spoken and written language is really important for personal and also collective success. When providing this grammar updating course we also explain how the so frightening grammar might be our great ally for having good communication as it is in all contexts.

In all courses, after an assessment of the needs and difficulties of each teacher, student or group, the most appropriate material is chosen in order to develop accurate communication. Offering this tailored teaching method, we aim at encouraging self-confidence in communication and interpersonal relationships more than just offering content.


Commitment to offer a tailored service based on constant dialogue and research in order to meet the needs of people and institutions.


Respect for the cultural, ethnic and social diversities of students and institutions we attend, and also sustainable use of all materials.




Providing constant updating for the use of modern technological resources, current methodologies, and design of new ways of approaching subjects.




Defense of a fair education, according to the conditions and needs of the society in which we live.

Força equipa

Cooperate in the intellectual and cultural growth of institutions and organizations through the development of their staff and students.

Planta de Retenção

Succeed in increasing human beings value, and also protecting the environment. Focus on clear, interactive classes that meet students´needs.

Bonding grupo

Aiming at being constantly searching for new resources, and becoming a reference in teaching  Portuguese using pleasant, authentic method and materials focused on students´ needs.

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